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Termed as the land of ancients, Orissa is full of rich history with loads of monuments, shrines, and structures depicting artistic skills. All the structures around this state represent the impressive architectural skills of the people who built the tourist attractions. The immeasurable beauty of Orissa is strong enough to attract visitors not only from the subcontinent but also from abroad. The connectivity in this place is also of top-notch quality where you can live at four-star hotels close to the airport and yet visit every fantastic location using private or public transportation facilities. The temples around Orissa have associations with more than just religion and piety.

4 Star Hotel In Bhubaneswar


Previous capital:

Once the capital of Orissa, Cuttack is now the center of business ventures. Find a 4 Star Hotel in Bhubaneswar from The HHI Bhubaneswar with facilities like a bellhop service and smart, knowledgeable receptionists who can tell you about the things to see at Cuttack. This city specializes in fine cuisines and handicrafts and home to some of the most scenic destinations of Orissa.

A religious beach:

The religiosity of Puri is orthodox, but tourists are always welcome here. The famous Sun temple and the shrine of Jagannath are famous shrines for those who seek faith. 4 Star Hotel in Bhubaneswar, located within the vicinity of the airport, offer transportation modes for you to visit these temples and the famed beach of Puri which provides a plethora of modern life experiences in an old-as-dirt city.

Bhubaneswar HotelsThe city of temples:

The capital of Orissa is recognizable for its panoply of ancient monuments. Since you are staying at four-star accommodations, there are ample choices of food, and you need not find a place to eat around the city. The invaders dating back to the time of Mughals vandalized several structures, but many still stand as firm as a rock. Bhubaneswar has monuments, caves, temples, zoological parks, hills and much more in store for you.

The second largest city:

The city that comes second in the list of large urban zones around Orissa, has rich deposits of iron ore which facilitate numerous steel plants. Besides being the home of the largest steel plant of the subcontinent, there are attractive tourist destinations like the waterfalls of Badaghagra and Khandadhar and temples of Vedavyas and Vaishno Devi.

A vibrant location:

Another favorite spot in Orissa which you can visit from your hotel near the airport is Konark, which is naturally pretty and exudes a peaceful vibrancy. Religious structures from the 13th century like the Sun temple adorns this place along with museums, wildlife sanctuaries, and the Konark beach. This place is full of surprises for both history enthusiasts and pious individuals.

4 Star Hotel In BhubaneswarThe best sites and accommodations

The cost of staying in a luxury hotel is naturally a bit high, but the quality of four-star hotels around Bhubaneswar airport is unparalleled. With well above average services and highly furnished rooms and 24/7 availability of delicacies from worldwide cuisines, you will live like a kind during your holidays. If you are a fitness freak, then you can work out at the fitness centers for almost every amenity of a luxurious life is available at these hotels. Enjoy the stay and savor the exceptional locations as Orissa unfurls its breathtaking sites.