Join the Best Cafe in Bhubaneswar for Great Food and Music


Looking to spend a nice evening with your friends after a tired day of work? If you are in Bhubaneswar in one such evening, you should definitely head out to one of the best gourmet cafes in the city. The commercial city now offers a great place for entertainment where one can easily forget the stress and hang out till dawn with food, fun, and frolic. Whether you want to sit in a corner and enjoy the music or go to the floor and dance to the beats, is up to you as the place offers something for every mood and people.

What are the special offerings?

Eye-catching décor with great atmosphere and good music defines the credibility of a place. Food is an obvious factor for a gastronomic delight and the specialty of the Best cafe Bhubaneswar lies in the stomach of the guests. Get away into the finest mood as the top notch place provides with the following services:

Availability of full Bar: Resto bar is the new sensation and Bhubaneswar is not behind in offering full bar cum café with nicely decorated and well-lit sitting areas. Try out the exceptional cocktails prepared by the highly talented bartenders at Best cafe Bhubaneswar presented by HHI Bhubaneswar. The bar is packed with top International brands and Indian spirits with a wide selection of various kinds of crafted beers and British scotch.

Tasty delights: Gorge on well-prepared sandwiches, sizzlers, pasta and burgers along with your beverages. There are tons of choices in the non-alcoholic beverages and your group meals are available for providing the best time to you and your buddies.

Exclusive brunch: Special Sunday brunch or any day of the week can give you the best time with food. Highly commendable chef of the place cooks delicious dishes from all around the globe. Starting from Indian to Asian to Continental and Oriental, the place offers various cuisines depending on your taste.

Private dining area: Book a dinner table for you and your beau at a separate area to spend some quality time.  The private dining portion offers you everything that the bar provides along with luxurious coziness and soft music. The place is also available for business dinner, group meetings, family time and another interpersonal dining occasion.

Ambiance: Fall in love with the ambiance of the place once you set your foot inside the café. Beautiful lights hang from the ceiling with smart graphics wallpapers on the walls lets you click amazing pictures for your social media and memories.

Valet parking: There is no worrying for your car to get towed as the place has a safe parking lot with valet parking option.

Seize the moment Get ready to rock with infectious music and delectable dishes at the best place in the city. If hanging out with friends after work or on weekends is in your planner, make your way to the café and have fun times.