TOP 10 Challenges for Hotels to Market their Rooms Online

Are you a hotel operator? If you are then by this time, you must have used numerous marketing strategies to establish a strong foothold in this industry. The intense competition faced by the hotel industry has necessitated the utilization of diversified strategies. It is a wise idea by the managers of this industry to take into consideration traditional as well as modern opportunities. Such diversified plans concerning marketing through the various channels will add to the costs. Though hotels with a huge capital base can tackle their marketing needs but small hotels face numerous challenges along the way.

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Stand out from the crowd

With the advancement of technology by leaps and bounds the hotel industry too has undergone a lot of changes. The hotel managers are encountering many online challenges. Day by day it is becoming tougher to stick out from among the competitors.

1. Challenge of Accessibility of resources

It is a well-known fact that you have the scope to be more strategic if you have access to huge volumes of data. However, the task of analyzing such a massive size of data is not at all simple. The continuous change of the search engine algorithms can make the job all the more difficult.


Decision making becomes easier if you can analyze the data properly. Automation of tasks can help in monitoring the data.

2. Failure to grasp the importance of cyber awareness

You know to stand out among the competitors you need to pick the right SEO keywords. You will then have to gather data to find out which keywords worked for your company. If the revenue of your organization is dependent on these high volume keywords and as a result on the search engine rankings then any inconsistent environment will not be suitable for you.


You should make use of social media platforms and cloud based property management system to have a wide reaching effect.

3. Budget limitation

Independent hotels often face the budget crunch. Most of the time they do not have sufficient financial resources to hire the experts.  So they often lack competent helping hands to tend to their online marketing needs.


To get rid of such problems you should use the cloud based platform for performing a variety of tasks within the budgetary limit. Another effective solution is automation of the repetitive tasks to reduce the chances of human errors.

4. Unwilling to embrace modern technology

Your pace of progress may be severely impacted due to the lack of enthusiasm on your part to embrace technology. As a hotel owner, you should have an open mind and be receptive to new technologies.


You should have a fearless attitude and start embracing new technologies such as cloud based software which will help you in taking your business to the next level.

5. Challenge of prediction of the best way to establish a connection

Some of the youngsters feel that the concept of email is extremely boring and time-consuming too. New means of connecting with the audience on a regular basis are emerging, and it is becoming tough to predict which ways will work best for you.


If you look at the brighter side, then you can say that with the advancement of technology you also get the scope to experiment with some of the out of the box marketing strategies. You should embrace text messaging and appropriate mobile technology to succeed.

6. Inability to compete with the big brands

An independent hotel has limited resources and inventory at its disposal. So it is not possible for them to spend big bucks on the commission to ensure a berth on the OTA listings.


It is a wise idea to monitor your competitors in the market and make strategies accordingly. You should improve your messages and if your budget permits utilize the services of a PPC company.

7. Influence of reviews

In modern times the decision-making process of a potential customer is largely influenced by the websites. There is a continuous rise of travel sites and the customers while researching the hotels read the online reviews of the shortlisted hotels.


You should train your staff so that they will pay attention to these reviews and address any negative review promptly.

8. Customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry

If you lack qualified and experienced staff or fail to meet the culinary expectations of the customers, then you will be headed towards trouble. To gain a competitive edge, you need to focus on the quality of services.


You should sculpt each aspect of the facility in such a way to provide an incredible experience to the customers. Make sure that you provide them with remarkable room service so that they have a hassle free experience.

9. Impact of service rates

Irrespective of the kind of services you provide you should make sure that they are reasonable from the financial perspective. Exorbitant charges will make your customers go to the competitors.


You should make sure that the facilities you provide should match the rates you charge for the hotel stay.

10. Creation of an impression through cleanliness

If you want to attract more customers to your hotel, then you have to offer clean rooms. The cleanliness of the guest rooms, bathrooms, linen, curtains play a pivotal role.


It is advisable to hire a professional company for the cleaning task. In this way, you will also remain stress free.

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Top 10 Challenges for Hotels to Market their Rooms Online

Personalized services

You should make sure that your hotel has a strong presence in the applications that people use when they make any vacation plan. You should make effective use of technology to appeal to your visitors. You can customize your service offering by gathering as much information as possible about your guests.